Fire Truck Refurbishment | Fire Equipment Refurbishment

Helping You Make the Most of What You Have

If you have fire equipment that’s structurally sound but getting up there in years, why buy new when you can refurbish for far less money. More precisely, we can handle the entire refurbishment process for you, just as have for countless New England fire and rescue departments.

Whether you’re closer to our Windsor Locks, CT or Lawrence, MA facility, you’ll get first-rate service and a “good-as-new” result.

These are among the most common refurbishment projects, each one performed by our own team of factory-trained personnel:

  • Accident repair
  • Aerial overhaul
  • Body replacement
  • Brake overhaul
  • Cab & body refinishing
  • Corrosion repair
  • Engine and transmission overhaul

  • Fabricating shelves, trays, EMS boxes, and more
  • Refinishing of compartments
  • Power wash chassis and repaint for corrosion protection
  • Pump overhaul
  • LED lighting conversions and equipment upgrades
  • Suspension work
  • Water tank replacement

Is your vehicle a good candidate for refurbishment? Contact us today at either of our two locations, or by email, so we can examine the equipment and give you a detailed recommendation, including project cost.

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